The Resurgence of Trends; Pin-badges


I love to see trends emerging from when I was younger. Take for example the motifs used in Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection; large, embroidered floral motifs, like the ones we wore on the sleeves of our denim jackets. Gucci designed a range of blouses, blazers and dresses featuring large bows with embroidered florals in deep tones of red and emerald refashioning them for new purposes under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele.

I interpreted the pin-badge trend in a similar way. Most part of 2016 saw teens taking to customising their clothes en masse. What used to be collectible items back in the 80’s has seen a huge revival now on t’s, jackets, patchwork denims and bags. I didn’t want ‘customising’ my clothes to look childlike (for my age bracket) so I added them as subtle details at the end of a bow on my shirt.


Now let’s talk about the shirt; I love looser clothing for weekdays. Not only is it easy to run errands in, but they’re super-stylish when worn with a pair of sneakers. I wouldn’t conventionally wear this shade of blue with a red and green sneaker, but by combining the pin-badges, the look came together nicely. I adore the large dramatic bow that I wore loosely knotted with a few buttons open because it felt more casual, and suited to weekday wear.


This look can go seriously wrong if worn incorrectly especially given the style, shape and size of the shirt. I’ve actually taken 2 sizes smaller just to avoid the overall ‘bulk’ look.


‘Cuffing’ your denims gives this look street-style and has made a recent resurgence this year.


Further down, there is a continuation of the luxury sneaker phenomenon, and combining classic with athleisure seems to be a trend that is here to stay.

I finished off this look with a red lip and red nails. Although it felt very ‘matchy-matchy’, I like how bold it appeared against the blue of the shirt.

I think that as we grow older, we find it difficult to relate to younger bloggers or bloggers that cater for a specific age group. I’ve spent time looking online for fashion bloggers who fit my style and notice the changes that we go through in our body as we age, or have children. Whilst we all strive to retain all that is youthful, we need to be realistic and dress appropriately and wear what’s suited to our age. It doesn’t necessarily mean not following trends, but rather applying them so they look and feel comfortable on ourselves.

Clothing – Shirt: H&M, Sandton | Jeans: Trafaluc Denim by Zara | Badges: Cotton On and Tessa at YDE | Sneakers: Gucci

Makeup – Lip: Chanel in Pirate | Nails: Nova Nails in Crimson Red

Photography – Saaleha Idrees Bamjee Shootcake

2 Responses
  • Ray
    September 30, 2016

    Love the nail colour, where can one purchase it?

    is it the halaal nail colour?

    • Naqiyah
      October 3, 2016

      It may be purchased from any stockist across SA stocking Nova nailpolishes. They are Halaal-suitable.
      I purchased mine from Aronia Day spa in Houghton.