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NiQi Travel Guides: A guide to Maldives


I'm almost certain of all the places in the world that I'd like to visit. Maldives was never high up on that list. I'm not sure why, I mean look at this picture. To me, it always seemed like the kind of holiday that one would go if you were getting married, or celebrating a milestone; perhaps ...

NiQi Travel Guide: Packing for Maldives


When did we travel: Mid-August 2017 Duration of trip: 5 nights/6 days Season: 'Wet' Season, occasional showers. Weather: One afternoon of light drizzle. Still warm and no need to wear a jacket or coverup. Overcast for 2 days but still suitable to swim. What luggage did we take: I needed to pack for 2 adults and 4 children aged 4.5 ...

Testing the Hilton Honors loyalty program using the travel expertise of Traveloyalty; utilising the worlds best loyalty programs


When we began traveling earlier in our marriage, we would seek the services of a travel agent to book our flights, accommodation and transfers. The process was always simple and all I needed to do was to provide dates of travel, make a payment and pick up a detailed itinerary. The only real research that ...