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le {make-over} My relationship with my makeup


“I’ve never been conscious about my imperfect skin”. “I’ve never paged through a glossy wondering how do ‘they’ have clear, smooth skin, which appears as if the ‘dewy’ look has been effortlessly put together”. “I’ve never wanted to have a face full of make-up, because ‘natural is the way to go’”. Said. No. Woman. Ever. I think that as ...

niQi at Nicci: {Breezy Styling} Holiday Looks


In this, our second installment of the niQi at Nicci styling series, we present a generous helping of holiday haute couture. We've styled these combinations specifically to inspire your time-away looks, taking you from at-leisure chic to swanky step-out. Beach-looks get an update with the benefit of gilded accessories. A printed skirt is a good wardrobe ...

niQi at Nicci: {Layered Looks} Modest Wear and a Giveaway


It was happy homophonic synchronicity; the niQi team meeting with the Nicci team at their boutique in Sandton to explore fresh seasonal looks that translate across high style and modest wear. Nicci Boutiques' Niki Breger took us through the boutique's on-trend offerings and timeless favourites, proffering advice on how to pair wardrobe staples with bold layering ...