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Sweet {Gifting}: Candies and Macarons


There's just something so charming about receiving a gift of sweet somethings packaged in a box with old-timey care. These hand-crafted bespoke cake boxes are the perfect enclosure to show off classy confectionery or house an assortment of fun candies. The scalloped window cut-outs with clear plastic inserts can either provide a peek into the box's contents ...

CD Favours and {Gifts} for Guests


When looking out for special gift ideas, a custom playlist of favourite nasheeds and qiraat makes for a thoughtful token that's sure to linger on in aural enjoyment. Perfect for wedding favours, baby announcements and Eid gifting, it takes little more than a bit of niQi paper patisserie to transform a cd's jewel case into a ...

Spring Brights: Gifting in {Emerald and Purple}


Visibly displayed gifting, arranged on trays and covered with just a thin film of cellophane to afford guests a clearer view, used to be a ubiquity at South African Indian engagements and weddings. Perhaps it is that tastes and traditions are shifting towards more subdued and private ostentation, and trends are thus moving to favour ...