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Summer {Love}: Wedding High Tea Curation


NiQi lent a deft and delicate touch to this wedding high tea curation. Set for summer, the sensory experience began at the guest's entrance, with a selection of Indian-style sweets, macarons and dried fruit. NiQi incorporated the venue's existing water feature into her setting for the drinks area. Offering traditional iced tea and cardamom-scented iced coffee, guests were ...

{My French Garden} Wedding High Tea


A young lady, who is very dear to us, recently wed her soul mate. To celebrate the beginnings of their beautiful life together, Naqiyah gifted her the curation of the wedding's High Tea table. Set in the charming grounds of Benvenuti, niQi's choice of a My French Garden theme came alive with exquisite bouquets of adorned ...

An Engagement Tea: Treasured {Romance}


Naqiyah had already planned a weekend away when Yumna first approached her to style the tea table at her engagement reception. It seemed an impossible task; Naqiyah was unavailable on the day of the event and preparations at the venue could not be carried out too far in advance. But Yumna was determined to have a ...

niQi Living Luxe: Cuppa for {CANSA} 2013


Perseverance Your strength is all-weather, like the stored water of a succulent, you hold it, its fullness and might at your bidding Growth This is your Feminine power; to break through and blossom. To show your face to the world and proclaim; "This is the beauty I hold inside". Hope What is light but potential? ...