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niQi Art Nouveau Eid 2014


"May you taste the sweetness of Your Worship and Feast Upon the Barakah of Your Sacrifices” Typified by rhythmic lines and stylised organic forms, the art nouveau design movement followed the philosophy; "Art Is Life". Fitting then, for this theme to define the niQi Eid Gifting 2014 aesthetic. These gorgeous Art Nouveau-inspired boxes, with their understated glamour, are ...

Corporate Gifting: Eid {Luxe}


Gift-giving is intrinsic to the festive spirit around Eid. Not only are these heartfelt exchanges made among friends and family, but organisations and institutions also seek to extend a sense of goodwill and celebration with their valued clients and other stakeholders. FNB Islamic Banking put in a corporate gifting commission with Naqiyah who conceptualised an elegant ...

Eid {Mubarak}


May all of those celebrating have a bountiful Eid, blessed and sweet. Eid gifting preparations at the niQi studio were also all about sweet bounties as Naqiyah ribboned up boxes of chocolate truffles and designer slabs for a corporate gifting commission for Deloitte. The demand for niQi's Eid mithai gifting was unprecedented. So much so, that ...