Sehri Smoothies; A collection of my favourites for the month of Ramadaan


For as long as I can remember, I have been making and having smoothies at Sehri time. It was the only way to have a power-packed Smoothie without having to physically chew anything that early in the morning. It was also the quickest thing to prepare when I used to have a full time job, and it could easily be prepared the evening before and all I needed to do in the morning was add my liquid and blitz.

I usually stick to the ‘sensible’ preferred recipe, but every now and then, I like to deviate to add variety to the month.

The ingredients may be placed into the jug of your Nutribullet every evening with the exception of the liquid. I like to use the infused dates as there’s no pit to remove, and you get the benefit of the Almond.
In the morning, add your liquid and blitz. Quantities are based on 2 people.

Option 1:
I find this most effective in Winter.
1cm cube of fresh tumeric root, peeled
4 MDF Sensation dates infused with saffron
1cm cube of fresh ginger
5ml honey
Pinch of clove
250ml full cream milk
200ml coconut water
5ml Chia seeds
10g protein powder
10g oatmeal
Blitz in Nutribullet, strain if necessary, although I prefer the fibre.

Option 2:
5ml Orange Blossom Honey, Woolworths
4 x honey, Almond and Sesame dates
15ml Apple & Cinnamon Compote puree available in a sachet, Woolworths
1 x 100g tub of Low fat Smooth Cookies & Cream flavoured yoghurt
10ml Almond Nut butter, Woolworths
250ml Coconut Water
15ml Vegan Protein Powder
2.5ml Cinnamon Powder
250ml Almond Milk

To top: 20g each Quinoa & Mixed nuts, crumbled on top

Option 3:
1 x 100ml tub of Low fat Smooth Cookies & Cream flavoured yoghurt
15ml No added salt & sugar peanut butter, Woolworths
15ml Oatmeal, Nature’s Choice
330ml Coconut nectar with Chocolate
200ml full cream milk
15ml vegan protein powder
1 x banana, chopped
4 MDF Sensation dates; Vanilla infused Honey & Almond
Option 3:
125ml Banana bread inspired muesli, soaked in 250ml Almond or fat-free cows milk
330ml Coconut nectar with coffee
1 x 100ml HOWRU Low fat vanilla flavoured dairy snack
15ml protein powder
1 x banana
1 x espresso shot of coffee, optional
4 MDF Sensation dates with honey & almond infused with Cardamom

My no-fuss Sehri Smoothie options:
1. Dates + Protein Powder + Sachet of Chocolate or Caramel Instant Oats + Banana + Coconut Water + Almond Milk + Peanut butter.

2. Dates + Future Life Protein powder + Banana + Almond powder + Full cream milk

3. Honey + Weetbix + Banana + Handful of Woolworths Breakfast Mix (combinaiton of nuts, fruit and seeds) + Fat free milk

4. Honey + Sachet of Chocolate Instant Oats + Milo + Oatmeal + Full cream milk

5. Woolworths Banana Bread inspired muesli + Banana + Dates + Nut butter + Almond Milk + Coconut Milk