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Recipe: Vegetarian Tarts made using Woolworths pasta sauce


I was inspired to create my own vegetarian tarts after coming across an image on Facebook recently. Instead of simply layering vegetables, I added a sauce base to give the tart more depth. Without having to make my own base, I simply used a store-bought pastry.

Using puff pastry rounds (either pre-cut or cut out of a sheet. I used the Woolworths pastry), brush with beaten egg and bake in an oven at 180 degrees.

Remove once golden. Using a teaspoon, immediately carve a hollow in the middle of the pastry.

Leave aside until ready to use.

In a pan, saute half a small onion in butter. Add half a tsp of ground garlic, ground green and red chilli. Empty a sachet of Woolworths fresh pasta sauce. Season with salt and allow to cook slightly until thick.

In the meantime, prepare your vegetable.
Using a potato peeler, slice 2 or 3 baby marrows.
Trim your asparagus and slice a few Exotic tomatoes.

To assemble:
Add half a teaspoon of prepared sauce into the hollow.
Neatly assemble the vegetable.
Add a but more sauce in the middle.
Brush with some of the remainder of the beaten egg.
Sprinkle over ground salt and pepper.
Top with Feta. You may add a few chilli flakes if you desire.

I sprayed over a layer of Lurpak butter spray and put into the oven to bake for 10m.
I ate one when it was hot and I preferred it over being served cold.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and want to make your own pastry, here is a basic explanation for Quiche made with a simple Shortcrust Pastry.

Quiche is, a diet-downfall.
Filled with cream, eggs and a crust made of butter, it’s far from the skinny girls breakfast or brunch.

It is however, made to share, over drinks outdoors, or at tea time.

The shortcrust pastry is made by combining flour, salt, chilled butter, eggs and milk until a smooth dough has formed. After placing into your pie tin, allow to rest to avoid shrinkage when baking.

Variations of the filling range from flaking smoked salmon and combining it with dill, roasted vegetable to a more traditional and satisfying; chicken and mushroom.

Here i have sautéed ribbons of zucchini, onion, carrot and pepper with seasoning, garlic and ground green chilli.

For the liquid, I added in an egg and poured in cream until the vegetable was immersed in its richness.
For a slightly salty aftertaste, a light crumbling of feta was added towards the end and finally topped with zucchini rounds, slices of exotic tomato and rainbow carrots attached at the stalk.