Recipe: Moroccan Chickpea on Kulunji Seed Naan bread.


For one can of washed and drained chickpea, I used 4 naan breads.

Purchase 2 packs of Woolworths Kulunji Seed Naan bread (usually in the ‘Indian’ spice Isle in a plastic pack with a purple label).
Brush with olive oil.
Spoon and spread, randomly, cream cheese spread (I used Puck).
Make a mixture of zaatar and Dukkah combined. Quantities are half and half.
Sprinkle this over, not to overpower.
Slice red onion and halve Rosa tomato.

In a pan add 15ml olive oil.
Add 1 can of chickpea and toss.
Add salt to taste and a dusting of chili powder or paprika.
Finish off with 2.5g Nomu Moroccan rub and a generous splash of lemon juice.
Toss and spoon onto the naan bread.
Break mint leaves and scatter over. Reserve some for garnish once it’s baked.
Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over.

You may leave this aside for up to 3 hours before baking.
Pop into a pre-heated oven (preferably on the highest temperature) just long enough to heat up and you see the chickpea shell bubbling. The base should crisper up slightly.

Remove and serve immediately.

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