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Recipe: Kowse, a crowd-pleaser meal for many


Everyone has their own interpretation of Kowse. In fact there are so many variations as to what it’s topped with. I like to keep our version fairly simple and often cook it when I’m expecting guests and want to keep the meal centered around a pasta dish. Kowse is food fit for a crowd, here’s my version.

To make:

Kowse requires some (lots) of chopping. Once the accompaniments are taken care of, you can work through getting the sauce prepared.

Chop each item and place it into a dish that you’re happy to serve from.

  1. Chop 1 large onion into small cubes
  2. Chop 1 cup of fresh coriander
  3. Quarter lemons (work on 1 quarter per person)
  4. Finely cut ginger that has been fried in oil
  5. Spoon a bit of jalepeno slices with the vinegar from the jar into a serving bowl or small container
  6. Slice red of green chili into chunks and fill a small container

Now to move onto the sauce:

Boil 1 can of coconut milk and 1 can of coconut cream with 1 handful of dessicated coconut. Allow this to cook on low, stirring occasionally.

While the sauce is cooking, prepare the base for the chicken.

Saute 1 small chopped onion in approximately 2 tbl oil mixed with 1 tbl butter or ghee.

Add in your chicken (I use roughly 500g to 750g of cubed chicken for this recipe)

Allow the water to dry out slightly. This ensures that the liquid dries up leaving behind the flavour of the butter/oil. To this add:

  • 1 tsp of ground cumin and coriander powder
  • 1 tbl red ginger garlic masala
  • salt to taste (beginning with 1 tsp)
  • 1 heaped tsp of ginger and 1 heaped tsp of garlic (both ground)
  • a squeeze of lemon juice

At this stage, I like to cook this on low until the chicken softens completely. The masala that’s left behind has coated the chicken but hasn’t dried out completely. You can add a quarter tsp of turmeric and a tbl or 2 of tomato paste for added colour. Pour in the coconut sauce and cook on low for 15 minutes and until it has thickened.

Add in half a cup of chopped coriander and turn the stove off.

I like to leave my pot on the plate with the lid on so the chicken continues to cook and soften.

Boil your pasta (my preference is Fettucine) with salt.

While the pasta is boiling, prepare the samosa pur:

  • Cut into strips and fry in oil until lightly brown and crispy.
  • Drain on absorbent paper
  • Sprinkle generously with Robertsons Salt & Vinegar powdered spice, paprika and salt

To plate:

  1. Pasta at the bottom of your bowl
  2. Top with the chicken and some of the sauce from the chicken
  3. Samoosa pur
  4. Top with sauce from the chicken
  5. Sprinkle the onion, coriander, lemon juice and/or chili and finish off with the fried ginger.

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