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Recipe: Fruit Platter Inspiration


Remember the Granola that I made in a previous post? We love to layer fruit over spoonfuls of yoghurt and top with my homemade Halva Granola. For added sweetness, a generous drizzle of honey, or maple syrup before serving.

Top Tip:
1. Purchase your fruit a day or 2 in advance to allow it to come to maturity. It will likely sweeten and ripen making the overall taste nicer.

2. Line your tray with cling wrap if you’re not using a bowl or platter. In this way, it protects the wood and avoids any discoloration.

3. Our personal preference is Pawpaw combined with yoghurt and topped with sautéed banana (with butter and cinnamon), however try to use as many fruits as you’re able to source.

4. For the figs, I’ve drizzled honey and topped with roughly chopped nuts, dried fruit and seed (Breakfast Mix at @woolworths_sa)

5. If you like the taste of Halva, serve it alongside in a separate bowl. Crush it over the banana and eat with yoghurt, that’s a dessert all by itself!

Serve with small bowls and forks as a fresh and flavourful Ifthar.

P.S. I’m having my fruit with a Medjool date, stuffed with a small piece from a bar of Coconut Ice and Date (@woolworths_sa), drizzled with milk chocolate and sprinkle nuts!