Ready to Rewrite the Rules: A collaborative campaign with Huawei South Africa.


Rules are the stories that we tell ourselves. They condition us to believe. They give us expectation in our lives. Some of our rules are conscious. Many are unconscious.

Isn’t it time that we define our rules?

I am pleased to announce my latest collaboration with telecommunication and consumer electronic manufacturer; Huawei South Africa.

The P30 series of Smartphones launched globally today in Paris and the event was Live streamed on Huawei’s YouTube channel, enabling viewers around the world to get a first glimpse of the device.

I will be using my Huawei P30 Pro to #rewritetherules (the official hashtag billed for the event/phone) by activating a Lifestyle Campaign within the next 3-months.

For my first interpretation, I looked back to an Outfit shoot that I did a few weeks ago. I wanted to reinvent the style by disconnecting from how I see myself and my style. To do this, I needed to understand what my connection was between myself and my clothing. I wanted to be mindful about how I wanted to feel in what I was wearing. I wanted to feelEmpowered.

I knew I wanted to feel different in what I wore.

I think the understanding behind creating your own style are the conversations that should take place around the importance of getting into a positive mindset about how your clothing makes you feel.

Bringing strength to feminine pieces doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re taking away the prettiness. It means that you are ready to rewrite the rules.

I wanted the concept of breaking free/breaking out of stereotypes to further highlight the hashtag. The tousled, unkept hair, dark eyes and striking makeup was meant to be uncomfortable on the reader. It was meant to evoke a powerful woman who is certain of herself.

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  • Ms R
    March 26, 2019

    Hi niqi
    As I get older i realise that the rules i place on myself is a self imposed prison. I have put an invisible cage around myself using what I perceive as rules of society and religion amd family but actually it was just that i was afraid to step out of a cycle of life that I had gotten used to. It wasnt a life that i was completely happy or productive or in any way satisfied with but the rules said i should appreciate that life as so many peoples was worse. Its taken me 18,years to redefine my personal rules, actually to start the process of it. Its a work in progress. A day at a time. Rewriting my rules.

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