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Puttin’ on the Spritz: Gabrielle; a fragrance by Chanel


Gabrielle had to have been the most anticipated fragrance to launch this year. Rightfully so, with Chanel only launching its first major fragrance after 15 years.

The fragrance is said to “invoke the spirit of this remarkable women. It’s a fragrance for those who choose their own path.Β This is a fragrance that has a rebellious heart, meant for a unique women with unshakeable confidence, resolutely ambitious and confident in herself”. Source: Marie Claire.

That’s a whole lot of very powerful phrases right there! I’m just short of owning 3 dragons when I wear it. I’ve used the fragrance since the 31st of August (boasting that I received it before the official launch) and from the image, you can gauge how often I’ve worn it since then.

Overall impression:
The minute I sniff tested, I felt like I needed to put on a black dress and have my hair pinned up. It just smelled like luxury. Perhaps I should have tested this blindfolded because I had already created an expectation of what it would smell like given the brand. Oddly, I had immediately picked up No.5 notes, which I’m not sure if this formed part of the base.

When would I wear it:
For me personally, its more of a day fragrance than one suited for evening wear. It has sweet notes; very feminine and radiant almost. I didn’t find it overpowering or have a desirable effect after a few hours of wear. It has a very soft after smell, almost leaning towards baby powder or musk. It feels more like a Summer fragrance, and not rich enough to wear during Winter.

I’d sample this if:
1. I was looking to gift a bottle to my mum. For some reason to me, there is some heritage in owning a Chanel ‘major’ fragrance. I know that the brand is appealing to the younger, more rebellious woman but I just find this a classic.

It feels as if there’s similarities between No.5 and Gabrielle so this is a natural transition from owning the former.
2. I love classic scents and I see myself as being professional, smartly dressed and always well groomed.
3. I am a supporter of the Chanel fragrance house and I must own it, regardless of whether the fragrance appeals to me or not.

Price point
50ml R1745
100ml is R2565