Press Release: Integrated Health Resorts


The price of the suites and rooms provided by the hotels in Makkah is no longer the only way to compete in the traditional way of attracting pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom. A quick panoramic view of the religious tourism map in Saudi Arabia has led to dramatic changes in the level of awareness and services while the presence of new competitive factors began to float to the surface.

Pilgrims and the people who want to perform Umrah from various countries – in all their different environments and culture – developed the concept of hotel tourism services in Makkah in a detailed and precise manner, where conventional factors are no longer the main structure of attraction and polarization, but extended to new paths. These paths are based on two main factors, “healthy food” in general, and “relaxation activities” in particular, which has become a major requirement in a climate of anxiety and tension.

The main focal point when understanding the new indications of the hotel services is clarified by Ahmed Ereiba, General Manager of the Raffles Makkah Palace, clarifying that the performance of Umrah or Haj is no longer confined to the performance of the rituals, but it is based on the results of opinion polls and tourism analysis, which showed other requirements for this category.

Ahmed Ereiba pointed out that the new requirements that fall within the “overall framework” for domestic and foreign workers to choose their hotels next to the Grand Mosque emphasize the importance of “integrated health resorts.” Additionally, it justifies their urgent need for several factors: Healthy, good, relaxing, eating healthy foods that help eliminate toxins and excess weight, give you more inspiration in life, and exercise to keep you healthy.

The Spa at Raffles Makkah Palace has been able to cater for pilgrims through two fitness rooms and two health resorts for men and women, offering them special treatments such as “premium massage,” “aromatherapy massage” and “muscle massage helps reduce stress” for 60 to 90 minutes.

The philosophy of the Spa at Raffles Makkah Palace is the lotus journeys from bud through blossom to the radiance of full bloom, creating beauty and purity at each stage, transforming and enlivening, appealing to every sense.”Our treatments are inspired by these three stages of change – bud (body), blossom (beauty) and bloom (full experiences) – and allow our guests to mirror the stages of the lotus’ complete transformation,” he said. — SG

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