One {boldly luxe} Tablecloth In Three Acts


A good tablecloth is the star and staple of the linen closet.

When shopping for a versatile piece, don’t limit yourself to plain or lightly embossed neutrals. A boldly-patterned tablecloth is just as functional as its solid white, cream or black peers.

The trick is to choose a piece with a good balance of neutrals. There is very little one can not build on a base of black, white, grey, cream or brown, even when the surface design is a riotous mash-up of geometrics and florals.

Following this season’s directive to mix textures and patterns, this piece of linen brings together contemporary stripes with a touch of Moroccan tile on a classic black and white palette. Here are three ways we’ve styled it:


A simple pop of purple against the black and white is the most facile way to achieve classic elegance.

Coupling brights with metallics achieve a playful yet sophisticated sense of glamour. The gold is a warm tempering against the cooler tones and makes for a magical tablescape.

Pearly pastels work very well against the strong backdrop of this tablecloth. The striking lines of the print are balanced by the feminine textures and tones. Again, we’ve brought in silver elements to accent and the white cutlery makes for a quirky and charming talking-point.