Make-ahead Overnight Oats; Banana Bread Muesli with Caramalised Banana


I love the convenience of make-ahead overnight oats. Everything simply gets layered into a bowl or jar, and is tucked away into your refrigerator until you’re ready to use the next day. I’ve also learned that you may heat it up if you prefer a warmer option in the morning, depending on whether you have added yogurt or not. I make an extra large portion now, because I’ve noticed that my children have really been enjoying this for breakfast.

Quantities based on a recipe for 2 adults and 4 children

1 and a half cups of Banana Bread inspired Meusli, Woolworths*
2 bananas, sautéed and caramelised in a pan with butter and brown sugar
100g of dessicated coconut, dry-roasted in a pan on low heat
5ml honey
125ml vanilla yoghurt
125ml Almond Milk
125ml Coconut Water
5ml cinnamon powder
3 chopped Vanilla infused dates

After layering, stir well to combine and leave overnight to rest. In the morning, simply loosen with a few tablespoons of boiled water to bring to your desired temperature.