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Tablescaping by Naqiyah Mayat Durban was wonderful to the NiQi team! We were blessed with a glorious sun-drenched weekend in sharp contrast to the snappy inclement days that preceded it, and we were utterly charmed by the friendly faces and boundless enthusiasm from the ladies who attended the niQi Living Luxe Workshops and High Teas we hosted at La Concierge in Umhlanga on September 8th and 9th. If you missed out, here are some of the best take-outs from each of the segments: Naqiyah Mayat on Tablescaping

Naqiyah on Tablescaping

  • Do what you love even if no one else cares.
  • Allow the colours of your room to determine the direction of your colour choices.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textiles. Even a strikingly patterned duvet cover can be used to robe a table!
  • Place settings do not have to be too matchy-matchy. Stick to a colour palette and stack up crockery with interesting surface patterns and relief-work.
  • For centerpieces, shop around for affordable and hardy decor items. Once they’ve done their job on their table, use to accent your home.

Tablescaping by Naqiyah Mayat Tablescaping by Naqiyah Mayat Daniela Dotan

Daniela Dotan on making macarons

  • Know your oven. Ones that heat only with a top element may be unsuitable for macaron making.
  • Sift the almond and sugar mix multiple times to ensure that it’s as fine as it can get.
  • It all begins with a stable meringue state.
  • Don’t tint your macarons with liquid colourings as this may compromise the ratios required for a successful batch.
  • Fill your macarons as soon as possible, to prevent the shells from overdrying and cracking.
  • Use good quality ganache and buttercreams to fill your macarons. That’s where the real flavour of the macaron develops.
  • Keep at it. Everyone goes through a bad batch.

 Rowena Saloojee on Make-Up

  • Shop for on-trend eye-shadow colours at stores like Clicks. Their Essence range is excellent quality and really good value for money.
  • Anyone can wear red lipstick. It’s the perfect finish to this season’s nautical trend. Look for a shade that complements your skin tone.
  • If your eyeshadow tends to crease, use an eyecream before application.
  • Gel-liner is a great way to create a dramatic smokey eye. It’s easier to apply than liquid liner and perfect for beginner-use.
  • Instead of a brush, use a blending sponge to apply primer and foundation. It will give you a more flawless finish.

Nazmira Saloojee on Fashion Styling

  • Splurge on shoes and jackets, but save on tights and tank tops. It’s all about calculating rand per wear and weighing it up against how trendy or classic the piece is.
  • To improve your silhouette and the way clothes fall on your frame, wear good underwear and ensure that you have on the correct size.
  • Pair this season’s floral and patterned looks with solid basics. The tailored blazer trend can be worn across all ages.

niQi Living Luxe Living The Lifestyle Goodie Bags niQi Living Luxe Living The Lifestyle Goodie Bags

Not only did each attendee go home with a refreshed sense of inspiration, they took with them a goodie bag bursting with Grazia, Sutra and Zest magazines as well as beauty product samples,sugar cookiescake tools and a box of Daniela’s magnificent macarons. Some were even lucky enough to be recipient to spot prize giveways from brands like Crabtree & Eveyln, Macaroon, In Good Company, Daniela’s, Incredible Gifts and Chilli Chocolate Chefs.

Our High Teas were fortunate to attract the support of local catering companies; Simply Savouriesand Lezzetli Designer Gourmet Desserts who plated up an array of sweets and savouries to placate even the fussiest of palates, as well as Chilli Chocolate Chefs, who ensured that workshop attendees were hydrated on arrival with bottled Lime and Mint Crush cocktails.

  Welcome Drinks by Chilli Chocolate Chefs

Savoury Selection by Simply Savouries

Savoury Selection by Simply Savouries

Savoury Selection by Simply Savouries

Lezzetli Designer Gourmet Desserts

The schedule for next season’s workshops is still in draft stage. If you haven’t done so already, click here to subscribe to for the latest workshop updates, craft inspiration and recipes.

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  • Raeesa
    September 23, 2012

    Slmz. Are there any more pics? Like the one where I was up front n daniela showed me to pipe macarons.

    • saaleha
      September 25, 2012

      Salaam Raeesa. I’ve added one more picture to the gallery; it’s with someone wearing a pink top with a black scarf, her face is not visible. Is that you in the shot? That’s the only other picture I have of the audience participation during Daniela’s presentation.

  • Aneeco
    May 8, 2013

    When will you have more workshops?
    Your work is stunning masha allah
    I’m based in port elizabeth