Inspiration: A simple Mezze featuring homemade Yeast Parata and Sesame seed biscuits


At some point, we want to do things differently. Perhaps break the rules a little and throw off the cultural traditions that some have grown up with.

With a mindset of leaning towards fresher, healthier options at Ifthar time, a mezze-style sharing-plate meal is often the best way to slowly introduce healthier food to your meal plan.

The success of a good tapas or mezze hinges on using ultra-fresh ingredients, so cut and plate as close as you can to the time that you’re serving. Also include a variety of textures. These kinds of meals may be put together quite effortlessly provided you shop for the ingredients ahead of time, or have them readily available in your grocery cupboard.

Double thick yoghurt with a light olive oil drizzle
Rosa tomato dressed with shredded basil
Half a small block of feta cheese with black sesame seed
One small bag of green olives with a mild chili dressing
Home-made yeast parata (doubled up to serve alongside Butter Chicken)
Stuffed Kajoor, Bateel
Herbal tea, a satisfying alternative to milk-tea
Orange zest and Sesame seed yeast biscuits (the texture and variation between the slighty salty sesame and sweet orange zest is sublime!)
I like to drink something warm at Ifthar, and the biscuit and Kajoor satisfies the sweet cravings!

Eating style: dip, scoop, layer