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FREE Meal Planner: Monday to Friday ft. a column for groceries


I knew that 2019 was going to be the year that I focused more on being organised. For me, meal planning forms a huge part of my day and if I could plan better towards having my menu planned for the week, I would need to focus less on wasting time shopping during the week and cooking more nutritious and varied meals for my children.

I’ve always struggled with following lists. Diaries rarely make their way past the end of January. But meal planning seems to have been my only way of ensuring that I am able to schedule in time for everything because I spend less time wondering what to prepare and by Sunday evening, I usually have everything that I need for the week (and occasionally topping up towards Thursday).

I created this printable PDF for myself. Whilst the design and columns suit my weekly requirements, I think that many mums with children around my kids ages are likely preparing the same number of meals per day. I have omitted the snack column out because fruit forms part of my childrens daily snacking. I usually chop up all their fruits for the afternoon when I preparing the afternoon and evening meals so when they get home from school, they look towards the fruit and away from any convenience snacks (or cereal) in the grocery cupboard.

If you follow my page on Instagram, click on the ‘Daily Menus’ tab on my Highlights. I hope to post my menus daily (or 2 days at a time) so you are able to get some inspiration from there. In the meantime, here is the link to the PDF so you can print and begin using your Meal Planner and working towards a more organised week.

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  • Kathy
    February 4, 2019

    Thank you..

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