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Experience #HLTrends 2016: House and Leisure Trends event at bulthaup, Johannesburg South Africa


I was a guest at the House and Leisure Trends event at the bulthaup Showroom situated in Kramerville in Sandton in conjunction with Plascon earlier this afternoon.

Marc O. Eckert, CEO of bulthaup shared that “homes have so much space and light in South Africa, and dining and entertainment take center stage, with the kitchen as a real focus point”.  The double-height mezzanine provided the platform to accommodate industry-leaders, designers, media and House and Leisure guests to an informative and inspiring multisensory experience.

Cooking grounds you.

“Cooking is better than eating” Ville Kokkonen

The afternoon focused on talks by stylist Mia Widlake of Studio 19; a multi disciplinary design studio based in Johannesburg. Mia spoke about her affinity for mono and geometrics with House and Leisure editior, Tiaan Nagel.

I took back with me the inspiration to create my own informal dining experience the next time I design a tablescape.

Begin by using tubular or cylindrical containers. Fill the vessel with a napkin, making sure to allow the cloth to overlap on the edges. Place your cutlery into the container by grouping the knifes, forks and spoons. I think that the idea is elevated by using gold or copper to draw attention to the placement, and by placing the entire ensemble next to very minimalist tableware!

Plascon colour expert Anne Roselt showed guests how to achieve an amazing textured effect with the Heirloom palette. When life is uncertain, we find security and reassurance in the past. Designers speak to this desire by reworking classical motifs for contemporary spaces to inspire feelings of comfort and familiarity. The colours that we surround ourselves with have a huge influence on our happiness and well-being. We need to ask ourselves why we choose the colours we live with and are they having a positive or negative effect on us.

“We all have good and bad qualities, and so does colour”.

This interesting and innovative floral piece was created by using a gold Chinese lantern. Ribbon was then taped onto the lantern which had been manipulated to follow the curves of the lantern. Flowers were placed inside of a glass vase, which was inserted through the middle of the lantern. The result, an obscure piece of floral art using innovation and materials that were easily attainable.

Another interesting decor element were the black and white painted bricks that were sprayed to resemble old books. The ‘House and Leisure’ logo was then sprayed onto the side, to resemble the spine of a book. I would assume that this was achieved using a stencil and some spray paint. Copper and gold were excessively used to highlight the one thing that we should be doing in 2016 – going for gold!

I was particularly inspired by how classic the sculpture was, against this bold and bright backdrop which just illustrated how much we’ve grown in terms of being able to take design risks! I’ve cut out his (naughty) bottom bits! This was an infinity print which extended to the ground.


Guests enjoyed an ‘interesting’ selection of beverages and canapes, which were catered by Vicky Crease Catering and were thanked for attending by being presented with gift bags by Nicole Levenberg of Aureum Design. Each guest received a copy of the Jan/Feb 2016 House and Leisure magazine, a gift voucher from ‘Tidy & Co’, an Eco-journal from Palscon, a small bag (which can be used for make-up or stationery) from ‘love milo’, a glitzy nail lacquer by OPI (I’m obsessed at how fabulous this looks with the glint of gold in the polish!), a beautifully designed wooden spatula from bulthaup, a 20g sample tin of tea from the Tea Merchant and chocolate by Lindt.

Here’s what House and Leisure reckons will be trending this 2016:

  1. Memphis pattern taking it’s cue from line work and geometry in a mostly monochrome pattern.
  2. Social Responsibility being the new ‘age’ where Gen Z is said to be more socially conscious (#FeesMustFall).
  3. Common household objects using high-end materials.
  4. Wireless lighting making life easier.
  5. Influence of East African embroidery, discovering craft-influenced decor.
  6. Luxury pet spaces.
  7. Multisensory design.
  8. Taking food back to our youth, rediscovering and recreating food from our youth (grown-up mac and cheese).
  9. Paint effects are back in vogue.
  10. Living a healthier, more purposeful and wholesome life through Farmstagram (Instagram worshipping farmers!).
  11. Simulated daylight.
  12. Touch sensitive textiles being able to interface with software.
  13. Revival of ponchos, woolly cardi’s and patchwork denim.
  14. Using lower-impact materials as an alternative. bulthaup has introduced swamp oak, a rare wood recovered from the swamplands.
  15. Last year’s pineapple is this years banana.
  16. Home-brewed elixir of water, apple-cider vinegar and a touch of ginger and molasses.
  17. Gold. Everywhere.
  18. Handcrafted items. More colabs supporting local creatives.
  19. Rose quartz.
  20. Boutique gyms – trendy focused fitness facilities.
  21. Retro super future. Reference Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 collection feat. metal embroidery and bright hues.
  22. 1970’s craft-loving-boho’s.
  23. Dolls with curves – average is beautiful.
  24. Savoury desserts; beetroot and lemon cupcakes.
  25. Jesmonite, a water based composite acrylic material used in furniture.
  26. Ghana.