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Dress over trouser: A whole mood(board)


Paris Fashion Week saw old trends emerging on the Runway. The ‘Dress over Trouser’ look has always been considered as a modest wearers modern approach to fashion. With dress lengths being half way between being too short to wear a trouser under, or not long enough to not wear a trouser under, now you can buy practically any item of clothing and find a suitable trouser, tights, jeggings or jeans that would work as a modest cover-up to your legs.

Although this wasn’t the case at PFW. Fashion is constantly evolving, or is it? It seems as if we should hold on to all the items that we think seem to be going out-of-fashion a bit longer as they seem to make an appearance at Fashion Week after a few years.

I wanted to adapt this trend (non-trend) to suit my personal dress sense. I am quite adaptable in my fashion style – in fact, I’m considering wearing this dress tomorrow with a pair of sneakers, a messy bun and the sleeves rolled up. I loved the style of the dress and importantly the fabric when I saw it at John Lewis in London. I didn’t picture it with a pair of tights under back then. I actually only slipped the tights under just before leaving my house – and it all came together quite well.

I’ve created a Mood Board to give you some more inspiration to adapt this style to suit your own. Although a reader questioned that the style might only be suited to women with a particular body type, I think shorter girls could easily pull off the trend by wearing longer length jeans with a wide turnup and a longer length dress/shirt-dress. I’m keen to play around with these looks for a while longer. With Ramadaan approaching, I know that I’m going to want to change my dress style to be slightly more conservative. I don’t particularly have many modest-friendly items in my wardrobe, so this might help me in trying to achieve this.

I think this trend would be suitable for Winter mostly as it’s easier to create Street Style looks or layer items to help them appear more trendy. Let’s see how this trend progresses and I’m going to share some more looks to guide and give you some more inspiration as I go along.

Outfit details:

Dress/longer length shirt: Modern Rarity at John Lewis, London (purchased March 2019)
Shoes: Chanel

Outfit shot by: Layla Shaik Photography



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2 Responses
  • Nazly Mall
    March 19, 2019

    I love this look, i think it. s quite trendy and you add your own flair to it. Like you mentioned. shirt dress over a pair of jeans you dress it down with a pait white sneakers. Perhaps even give a total different look with a pair of heels or in the winter with a pair of boots. I love it.

    • Naqiyah
      March 20, 2019

      That’s the great thing about fashion. It an be so adaptable 🙂

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