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An unboxing of the Huawei P30 Pro. I see it. I like it. I want it.


I got it. I have admittedly never watched an 'unboxing' video (watching YouTubers open up and unpack Louis Vuittons from dustbags does.not.count as 'never watching'). I'm talking tech-stuff, gadgets and home-appliances. Why? Because it just doesn't appeal to me. So when part of my brief from Huawei was to create an 'unboxing video', I knew that ...

Ready to Rewrite the Rules: A collaborative campaign with Huawei South Africa.


Rules are the stories that we tell ourselves. They condition us to believe. They give us expectation in our lives. Some of our rules are conscious. Many are unconscious. Isn't it time that we define our rules? I am pleased to announce my latest collaboration with telecommunication and consumer electronic manufacturer; Huawei South Africa. The P30 series of ...

NiQi Travel Guides; Pack like a Pro


I've been thinking about publishing a 'How to Pack for your Holiday' post for some time now. Much of my writing is often encouraged by my friends, and upon a broader discussion, I realised just how much people value the added insight on what to pack when you travel. I know that I've been using ...