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When Jaguar Disrupts The Norm; Crossing over to the E-Pace


When #disruptthenorm is the hashtag for the launch of the new Jaguar E-Pace, you know that the organisers are thinking in terms of spaciousness, not limitation. But day-to-day relationships with a vehicle are different. Being able to test-drive the E-Pace in actual city conditions meant having to experience the on-road capabilities as the end user would ...

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Puttin’ on the Spritz: Gabrielle; a fragrance by Chanel


Gabrielle had to have been the most anticipated fragrance to launch this year. Rightfully so, with Chanel only launching its first major fragrance after 15 years. The fragrance is said to "invoke the spirit of this remarkable women. It’s a fragrance for those who choose their own path.Β This is a fragrance that has a rebellious heart, ...

The Saxon Spa; Tipped to be the Ultimate Metropolitan Retreat


A haven of flickering candles, ornamental copper decor and locally hand-crafted Himalayan salt and recycled glass chandeliers, the ravishing new Saxon Spa is dedicated to the art of holistic sensory revitalisation. Designed by internationally-acclaimed interior designer, Stephen Falcke, the Saxon Spa has been created as a sanctuary of the senses with dark wood, copper, linen and ...