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Brunch at Aurelies in the Waterfall Country Estate


Attitudes towards the meat-eating industry are changing.

People are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and working towards a more balanced, holistic way of living. Vegetarianism has become a popular choice amongst individuals and families; but it is often looked upon sceptically in the Muslim fraternity. Popular catch-phrases like ‘Meatless Monday’s‘ seem to be bringing the concept to the fore which encourages people to make healthier decisions at the start of the week.

I grew up in a mainly Vegetarian household. I grew up exploring different flavours that were used to counter-balance the lack of meat additives to meals. I also never ate processed meats until the age of 21. I was leaner, healthier and my physical activity levels were at an all-time high, which can also be attributed to being younger at that time.

It’s 2015 and Vegetarianism has become fashionable. Meals now go beyond the ‘mock-meat’ trend and Chefs are beginning to realise that you don’t need meat for a satisfying meal.

It’s also become easier (and safer) to eat at Vegetarian establishments, given that there is no chance of food contamination and there are no animal by-products in any of your food, including gelatine.

As Ann Wigmore says, “The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine OR the slowest form of poison”. At Aurelies in the Waterfall Country Estate (just 17km from Houghton, midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria), their main focus is on holistic health & wellness.


“Our freshly brewed coffee is made from the finest quality beans from Origin Coffee Roasting; our veggie juices are formulated to aid detoxing; and our “super foods” protein smoothies are proven to boost energy levels. We sell liquid cleanse packages comprising of a selection of our delicious veggie juices and smoothies. Aurelie’s vegetarian meals are not only filled with freshly prepared goodness, but are also delightfully tasty – even meat lovers keep coming back for more. In addition to being able to enjoy a soulful, nutritious meal at Aurelie’s you’re also able to shop for health supplements, home furniture, accessories and consumables”.


We visited Aurelies for Brunch one Sunday. It was fairly quiet with most of the patrons being family of the owners. With that said, the seating is minimal, so if you intend on getting a good spot, I’d suggest making a reservation. If you are taking your kids along, I recommend reserving an outdoor table as there are consumables inside which are fragile. There is comfortable seating for tables up to 8 to 10 guests at a time, with 4-seater armchairs for small parties.

Guests are offered a complimentary tea whilst waiting for their food. The menu is extensive with Breakfast, Salads, Wraps, Burgers, Panini and Sandwiches and Snacks as part of their service offering. I couldn’t decide what I fancied so I opted for the traditional Breakfast option instead of one of their more substantial meals. I was glad to see that they were offering the Cauliflower wrap which is a perfect grain-free alternative to the wheat tortilla. Mohamed and I enjoyed the addition of the Soya sausage, especially with the ‘Mama’s chili Sauce’ on the side.



Although there are no children’s activities for the kids (it’s not listed as a children’s venue, but they are extremely child-friendly), the owners go out of their way to ensure that kids are taken care of and well occupied. They are given colouring books and chalkboards to keep them busy whilst their meal gets prepared. The kids portion sizes are generous, so consider sharing the toast between yourselves.

a4I like how the juice is presented to the kids, however I don’t believe it’s friendly for smaller hands. I would suggest asking them to decant it into plastic cups for safety and to avoid spilling.



I was mostly impressed by the extensive range of drinks on offer. Almost everything gets mixed into a smoothie these days, and those at Aurelies are no different. Careful thought has gone into what they’ve chosen to put into your body, and you have a choice between Fruit and Veggie based juices, Fruit smoothies (think adding Peanut or Macadamia and Almond nut butter to your fruit based smoothie), Berry and Exotic bases and their Protein drinks.


If your man needs any convincing, let him read through this!


Be sure to end your meal with one of the ‘Real Stuff’ Iced Coffees. Give it a good mix to ensure that you’re not left with just ice!



a20 a11







Although they are committed to serving exclusively Vegetarian foods, I think that they would benefit greatly from adding Salmon to their breakfast and sandwich menu. Their menu is vast and definitely suits all tastes, and if you have a fussy husband who only prefers spicier foods, please ask for the Chili sauce for him to enjoy with his meal.

I see Aurelies becoming a destination cafe; one that girls gather to on a Saturday morning who want to eat just as well as they live. I’d be keen to try out their Burgers, which I’ve marked on my next visit to them (yes, I’ll be returning!).

With prices ranging from the low (R40 for a toasted sandwich or panini) to mid category (R75 for a burger), it suits most budgets. Parking is ample (it’s located in an office-block type of building).

Make your Sundays Meat-Free.

Contact details: 010 596 8900


Waterfall Estate,
Country Estate Drive, Off Maxwell drive
(Between Reddam School and Century’s Sales Office)


Monday to Friday: 7am to 4h30pm (kitchen closes at 4h)
Saturdays: 8h30am to 2pm (kitchen closes at 1h30)
Sundays: ONLY first Sunday of every month – 9h to 2pm (kitchen closes at 1h30) – Bookings are recommended
Public Holidays: PLEASE inquire for specific dates

3 Responses
  • Tasneem
    March 18, 2015

    yumminess and drool…

  • Farzana Hattia
    March 18, 2015

    I agree with you on the introduction of Salmon to their menu. The Aurelies Stack is delicious!! If you haven’t tried that yet pls do so. As far as the burgers are concerned… Their veggie burger consisting of a falafel pattie was very welcomed by my ‘carnivorous’ hubby lol. It tasted so good that the absence of meat wasn’t at all an issue!

  • Safeera Kaka
    March 18, 2015

    Lovely review. Will sample some of your recommendations next time I’m there.