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Breakfast: Mushrooms on Toast


Mushrooms on Toast unexpectedly transports me back to my late teenage years. I idled time at the closest shopping mall and lunch would always be Mushrooms on Toast at Mugg & Bean. The memories were always comforting. It often compels me to make this longstanding favourite over the weekend. One will never outgrow a good Mushroom on Toast.

Using the recipe that I posted under my Weekday Meals for Chicken Schnitzels, I actually made an extra portion as I knew it would double-up as Saturday mornings breakfast.

I’ll repost the recipe here for easy reference.

Mushrooms on toast

After having tried Rye Bread and regular Ciabatta, I found the Woolworths Garlic Butter filled Ciabatta sold in the 360g pack to be soft and easier to eat for little kids. It’s pre-sliced and spread with butter, turning this essentially into a quick weekend breakfast.

Simply layer the toasted Ciabatta with spinach leaves (or omit if that’s your preference), top with the mushroom sauce and finish with a grind of black pepper.

Remember, plan smart. Add an extra punnet of mushrooms to your grocery list and prepare the sauce in advance (not too soon, a day or 2 in the fridge is suitable)

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