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Beauty and Skin Care: Origins Travel Mask Pack

I’ve always been lazy about my skincare. It’s not something that I obsess about. My needs are fairly simple; hydration + cleansed (feeling) skin. I’ve stopped using any exfoliating products or sponges on my face just because they can be damaging if used too often, or you’re not gentle enough. Instead, I visit Hajira at Life Med Aesthetics for my fortnightly visits and a peel or Dermapen usually gets rid of dead skin and textured skin on my face.

I was initially attracted to the packaging of the @origins products (never heard of or not knowing anything about the brand prior). Knowing that it was ‘likely’ natural, I searched up short reviews on the product briefly in-store and consulted the sales assistant before purchasing the travel pack. I opted to buy the travel pack because the one product was entirely free. The three-pack came boxed up as a set and not loose/individual or in a keep-sake toiletry bag.

I mean, if it didn’t agree on my face, I could simply mask my entire body 🙈😀

I’m enjoying using them all for different reasons; I use the ‘Drink Up Intensive’ mid-week but I purchased it specifically for when I travel especially for long-haul.As you know, I like to remove all my make-up when getting on-board and slip into a comfy tracks or jammies with a clean face. I’ve used this particular product over 5 times now since purchasing it. My skin is noticeably smoother in the morning and appears brighter.
I opt to use ‘Original Skin’ when my skin feels slightly textured from using too much make-up. I like that this product firms up fairly quickly, i.e. dries to a thin and dry layer. It’s easy to remove and the small particles are great when you need to exfoliate to remove dead skin. I’ve used this product 3 times and I mostly appreciate how radiant my skin appears after use.
I’ve used ‘Clear Improvement’ once after having applied alot of makeup. I followed through using a warm facecloth over my face to open my pores and rinsed to reveal and bright and almost luminous skin tone.

I’m unsure whether these are available in SA yet, but add this to your travel shopping list. If I have to suggest buying just one, consider the ‘Original Skin’.

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