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Basic is Beautiful: Tablescapes for everyday.


Not everyone has the capability to arrange elaborate vases of flowers, or have the budget to match.

Many live in apartments where storage of crockery can be problematic so having multiple dinner sets might not always be the most practical idea.

I want to (continue) showing you that ‘Basic can be beautiful).

I’ve used a plain white tablecloth with an embroidery white runner for some texture (You may opt to omit this if you don’t have one). I used my daily-use Noritake dinner set but any white set of crockery will do. I’m often asked what is a good ‘starter-set’ to purchase when getting married. I’d highly recommend a Noritake set just beause they have standard items which are easier to replace. Stores like Woolworths and @Home, etc have beautiful crockery but they are pretty seasonal. Once one is damaged it might be really difficult to source again.

A good tip is to always buy a full set extra (so if you’re buying for a place setting of 6, just consider purchasing 7). In that way, if one breaks, you already have the replacement.

I want to take you through the following:

  1. Using an existing tray (and if you are going out to purchase, most dรฉcor stores have this exact style of tray in stock). Place all your florals onto that. When you’re ready to bring out your serverware, simply move the tray to the side, or onto a nearby coffee table so it leaves space on the table and guests don’t need to look past large arrangements to see each other.
  2. Pictured here are large dessert jars. They come in a box of 6 which can be repurposed into vases. This is especially helpful if you want to cut the costs of your florals and opt for shorter stemmed flowers which cost considerably less. You would need at most 1 really large bunch or 2 large bunches of mixed flowers to achieve this effect. Group them so they look more modern (as opposed to mixing them up). After Eid, they can be placed around the home at areas of interest and even moved into your bathroom.
  3. Serviette folding was kept simple and practical. I bunched the 4 fingers of my hand and wound the folded serviette around it. Neatening and tightening as I went along. Place the cutlery into it and simply try to neaten off the top part that stands firm.

Once done, your white tablecloth can be reused countless times more – the same applies to your white crockery, dual-purpose vases and tray.

My choice of flowers weren’t inexpensive. I had guests coming over so I wanted to stick to the style that I usually create. By changing the crockery, the table is transformed. I arranged the flowers myself with minimum effort and the whole look came together with manimum impact.

By sticking to a very neutral colour palette, I kept the look classic. It’s easier to create larger seating this way because there isn’t an added expense of buying more crockery.

Another tip that I find most effective is using plain white plates and inter-changing the side plates. This creates a bit more interest and you can use the sideplates for serving cake and tea at another time.

If there are any specific tablescape related questions, kindly direct them onto my Instagram post. I will happily answer and share them there.

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