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{A LEGO Party}: Master Builder Sa’eed is 5



The saying goes that the shoemaker’s children are never shod. When it comes to event planners however, that adage doesn’t quite apply. Naqiyah loves getting deep into the creative detailing of any event and her son Sa’eed isn’t any different. When it came to planning his 5th birthday party, Sa’eed was sure to let his mother know that he wanted it to be nothing short of a LEGO extravaganza, with all of his favourite things to eat up on the menu.






The details were immaculate. It took a second-look to realise that these LEGO blocks were actually edible chocolate.



Naqiyah painted up little glass jars to look just like LEGO figurine heads. Utterly charming, these would also make a great craft project to do along with your kids.


A kiddie party without candy is just not fun for anyone (the adults included). Naqiyah put out a selection of LEGO chocolate, LEGO sweets, chocolate swivel sticks, smarties, candy corn as well as all of Sa’eeds favourite chews in colourful jars.




Even the centerpieces on the adult tables got the LEGO treatment.



The placemats were printed menus listing the variety of options to suit both kiddie and adult palates. Light soups (butternut soup, fried onion and chicken soup and vegetable broth) accompanied by red and green kitke bread, sesame and poppy seed rolls and mosbolletijies, were a great opening for the child-friendly pastas (chicken and vegetable linguine, macaroni and cheese and macaroni and cheese with chicken). A roasted chicken with potatoes and coleslaw went down really well with the adults, as did the pizzas (margarita, tikka chicken and vegetarian) served hot from a mobile pizza oven.


For dessert, there was sauced malva puds, waffles hot off the iron, freshly fried churros, doughnuts and ice cream in vanilla, turkish delight, strawberry and chocolate. It wasn’t only the kids going back for seconds, and thirds.




While one may think that the food was the party’s focal point, the main feature was in fact this giant LEGO block maze.


Sa’eed’s dad Mohamed designed the maze based on a plan he found online. With assistance from Ali and the loan of a paint compressor from Uncle Junaid, they spray-painted 140 mag wheel boxes and glued on painted plastic take-away containers to mimic the appearance of LEGO blocks. The idea was for parents and kids to go through the maze and out the other end to reach the food tables.


Apart from navigating the maze, the kids were kept entertained with colouring-in sheets, LEGO-man decorating, guess-how-may-LEGOs-in-the-box, jumping castles, a soap bubble machine and a LEGO building activity supervised by Artee Parteez.






Each child took home a mini cake with instructions to sing a birthday song for Sa’eed and have their mums record it and send it on to Naqiyah as a keepsake.


The goody bags contained stickers, a sippy straw, a rock candy sucker and a LEGO figurine.


Another fun feature at the party was a LEGO movie photo cut-out where mums could take pictures of their child starring as a LEGO mini-figure.


After this party, I’m certain Sa’eed has a new title for his mummy, The Master Builder.

Catering: Aunty Asfeyah, 084 601 7868
Birthday cake, sugar cookies, cupcakes: Mehnaz, ilovecake
Bain-marie and crockery hiring: Yusuf, Nabseen Caterers & Hirers, 011 837 99 38, 071 289 4022
Umbrellas: Blkcherry
Paint supplied by Paint n Spray: 56 2nd Avenue Mayfair, 011 8371003,
LEGO-building activities: Artee Parteez
Props: ToysrUs
Lego Movie Photo Booth: Ster Kinekor, available for re-sale (contact
Photography: ShootCake|Saaleha

9 Responses
  • Fatima
    May 13, 2014

    Wow Niqi, this is amazing. I think you’ve outdone yourself πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday to Sa’eed once again!

  • Anisah
    May 13, 2014

    Wow! What a lucky boy Sa’eed is mashaAllah…everything gorgeous and always admiring your attention to detail…stunning party, well done!

  • Rubi
    May 13, 2014

    Naqiyah it’s just staggering the amount of talent you possess, Maashaa’Allah. You have the most incredible, original ideas, I’m just left in awe…

    Happy Birthday to Sa’eed:)

  • Shoba
    May 13, 2014

    Never change ur originality for sake of others,bcoz no one can play ur role better than you. Well done

  • Nasreen
    May 14, 2014

    Outstanding. Well done
    Niqi masha allah.. Love the creativity. Howd u make up the hotdog stand n fish n chips display? Always so different n awe inspiring

  • Niki Breger
    May 15, 2014

    You are a legend. End of story…..

  • Bibi Ayesha Monia - Hafeji
    May 16, 2014

    NiQi, I just have to ask…what do u eat for breakfast in the morning, cos not even a mom on Jungle Oats or Pronutro can get THIS much done! Fabulous stuff!!!