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Breakfast: Mushrooms on Toast


Mushrooms on Toast unexpectedly transports me back to my late teenage years. I idled time at the closest shopping mall and lunch would always be Mushrooms on Toast at Mugg & Bean. The memories were always comforting. It often compels me to make this longstanding favourite over the weekend. One will never outgrow a good ...

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Kitchen Q&A: Challenges facing home cooks


Feeding our families seems to be a 'parenting gift' that we give to our children daily. On average, it's not uncommon to prepare almost 3 meals daily for an average family of 4. It becomes easy to resent doing what almost begins to feel like a chore. It's not uncommon to feel despondent and give ...

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Eid tradition and tablescape inspiration


"May you taste the sweetness of your worship and feast upon the Barakah of your sacrifices" For me, Eid is an opportunity to celebrate the Muslim community that shaped who I've grown to become. For many, the meaning changes as you grow older, leave your maternal home and begin traditions of your own. This serves as ...

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